Structured Operations

Acting in the structuring and implementation of financial and capital market operations, both domestic and transnationally, Chediak Advogados develops tailored solutions to meet the specific needs and peculiarities of each client, covering transactions with debt, equity, or a combination of both. In general terms, these structured operations are indicated to enable the recovery of companies in financial crisis, reorganization of liabilities, corporate changes (notably, leveraged buyout and management buyout).

Its work also includes:

- securitization operations of receivables, performed or not, via investment funds and other vehicles
- transactions known in the market as special situations, such as assignment of securities, rights over ongoing lawsuits and arbitrations (claims) and other illiquid assets, carried out through investment funds or other structured solutions

  • Legal modeling of Operations
  • Due Diligence in order to confirm feasibility
  • Negotiation with the Parties involved
  • Preparation of related documents
  • Follow-up up to closure and financial settlement