Tenders and Administrative Contracts

The Firm's team has more than 20 years of experience in providing counsel to companies in the dispute and execution of contracts with direct and indirect Government entities.  Its participation ranges from the consultation and public hearing stages, to supporting the client in all stages of the bidding procedures up to the effective execution of the contracts. Subsequently, it also supports the companies in carrying out the contracted activities and in all their interactions with the contracting administrative entities.

  • Counsel and monitoring of the client in the consultation and public hearing stages
  • Legal analysis of the minutes of the bid invitations with the formulation of claims and challenges to the request for proposals
  • Counsel to the client in the formulation of its proposals and follow-up on the submission and opening of envelopes
  • Formulation of administrative appeals and filing of lawsuits aimed at challenging the result of the classification of proposals and/or qualification of bidders stage
  • Counsel to clients in bid waiver or unenforceability processes
  • Formulation of requests for the economic-financial rebalancing of contracts executed
  • Defense of clients in disciplinary proceedings and in the application of penalties within the context of contracts executed
  • Adoption of administrative and legal measures to ensure the regularity of the contract execution and the fulfillment of the obligations of the contracting administrative entities