Strategic Litigation

Cases of high complexity require teams composed of lawyers with great experience and the most diverse backgrounds. This multidisciplinarity is essential in dealing with works of expressive economic repercussion permeated by politically sensitive matters or addressing specific technical issues uncommon in the routine of the Courts.

Acting in some of the most relevant litigation processes in the country, Chediak Advogados represents its clients in operations within intense and long-lasting complex negotiations, administrative proceedings, lawsuits or/and arbitration proceedings.

The extensive experience in strategic disputes allows the Firm's lawyers not only to have an in-depth understanding of all the details of the matter under discussion, but also to extract its most relevant aspects. Then, they are presented to the opposing party and to the judge in an adequate, clear, and sufficient manner so that the matter can be effectively assessed and rationally decided upon.

Traditionally involved in relevant litigation processes, the Firm's team is familiar with the other professionals that usually participate in strategic disputes, enabling high-level negotiations and direct and technically disputing controversial issues.

  • Counsel to domestic and foreign clients in all phases of litigation
  • Extensive experience in mediation procedures and negotiation of agreements to end or avoid legal disputes
  • Consulting and analysis of the legal risks involved in litigation
  • Multidisciplinary qualification, which enables the formation of distinct teams according to the nature of the disputed matter
  • Acting together with Courts, arbitrators, and other law firms that also participate in strategic disputes, facilitating the negotiation of agreements and the development of litigation in order to ensure the rights and interests of clients