Data Protection, Technology and Cybersecurity

With the advent of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), Chediak Advogados has incorporated, to its practices, the legal counsel for the adaptation to the new legislation, focusing on the data governance and information security program.

The Firm provides counsel to its clients in the negotiation of contracts related to the use of innovative technologies, as well as in the drafting of policies aimed at the protection of personal data. These are initiatives that help prevent information security incidents, including cybercrimes. It acts based on the best international practices.

  • Mapping of data processing activities, gap and risk analysis
  • Development of programs on data governance, controls, and processes to provide customer service to data subjects
  • Diagnosis and recommendation of best practices in information security, as well as development of a security and incident management policy
  • Support in the response to security incidents, notification and interaction with regulatory bodies
  • Support in the response to cybercrimes
  • Drafting of policies, agreements and instruments, as well as review, drafting and negotiation of contracts related to technology and data protection
  • Guidance for employees on data protection and information security
  • Counsel to the Person in Charge in their routines
  • Consulting on various topics related to the application of new technologies and their impact on data protection