Close relationships, experience, and partnerships that deliver results


Offer excellence-level legal solutions to build long-lasting partnerships with clients who believe knowledge and close relationships are fundamental for mutual development and growth.


Be one of the most renowned law firms in Brazil, acknowledged for offering high quality specialized services in an integrated and multidisciplinary way with a comprehensive and contemporary perspective on the legal arena.


Legal excellence • Continuous development and updating • Knowledge sharing • Effectiveness in achievement • Close relationships • Collective growth


A multidisciplinary, integrated, and efficient law firm

Chediak is a law firm investing in close relationships and partnership. Our main highlights:

  • Tailored services
  • Experience and partners’ comprehensive view
  • Efficiency
  • Team integration
  • Multidisciplinary work
  • Our own methodology
  • On-going service improvement

All these factors combined allow us to offer excellence-level solutions for the business and financial industries. This is what makes our clients, big and small, hire us regardless of their areas of expertise.

We contribute to developing a creative environment that generates knowledge, innovation, and talent training.


A path of unity and excellence

Chediak was founded in 2011 by bringing together professionals who acknowledged their similarities and how they could support each other. From day one, Chediak has been a firm where respect and professional admiration further highlight our partners’ experience and recognition in the main legal areas. The combination of our partners’ talents with our team’s level of excellence and integration allows us to provide our clients with efficient service and close follow-up by using our own multidisciplinary work methodology.


Initiatives to transform, empower, and inspire

We have developed a series of positive actions aimed at both internal and external audiences. These are pro bono initiatives meant to bring law closer to those who need it regardless of their financial standing. In addition, we have also resorted to our partners’ academic performance to train and inspire people to use law as a tool for change, by contributing to a better future and a fairer society.